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I started a blog!

31 May

So spending the summer at the beach, I’ve had the glorious time to go back to eating vegan and mostly raw, and being able to make all my food! I started to take pictures of everything I was making, so I figured to just make a blog. So I can post the pictures of some of the more exciting foods (I wont bore you with all of them). I eat almost all organic, and it helps now that I am working at an organic market/farm and having the convenience of local foods all around me here at the beach (:  I rarely follow recipes and just wing the meals I make, I use whatever I have at the time or what l was local and fresh that day! I never cease to be amazing at how eating natural, organic, whole foods just how God created us to eat, allows you to feel and live so much better, leading to a healthier happier life to better live for Him.