6 Jun

My green smoothies have been exceptionally good these past couple of day. I’m not sure why, but they’ve been extra tasty. I never do the same exact smoothie, ever. I always change something up or try something new. Our bodies like variation, besides it would get so boring if I tasted the same exact smoothie every single morning. I never measure anything, I just throw in what I think is best.


It is really important to add two different proteins. I usually do a nut/seed milk and a different type of raw (soaked) nuts/seeds. You can’t skimp on the greens and green powder! Use at least 2 handfuls of fresh or frozen spinach, kale, collards, broccoli,-you can add anything you’d like! A little banana sweetens it up and makes it nice and creamy.


Typical Green Smoothie 

Nut/seed milk

organic carrot juice (costco sells a great double bottle pack)

Soaked raw nuts seeds (or a little raw nut butter)

1/2 banana

scoop of green powder (I use Trader Joes, but Whole Foods has a great one too)

1 1/2 – 2 servings of fresh or frozen organic fruit (couple of peaches, berries, etc..)

2 handfuls of fresh or frozen dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards, & any other veggie you want)

Ice (optional)


Chia seeds are sort of my new food obsession. I’ve been making chia pudding for lunch like everyday. They never cease to amaze me. Like I said in another post, they are packed with omega-3s and soluble fiber–they absorb 9x their weight in liquid. 2 oz has 600 mg of calcium! (milk has only 120) They are extremely filling! I made 3 Tbs and a little over 1 cup of almond milk, and I was beyond full. And it is really rare for me to actually feel full, because I always feel like I could eat! This amazing snack or meal is so easy and versatile.


The almond milk & chia seeds before

























The consistency is like a pudding, almost like a tapioca. The ratio of chia to water or nut milk is roughly  1:3. You can add more liquid if you like it more soupy, or more chia if you want a firm consistency.

Chia Pudding

3-4 Tbs Chia seeds

~1 cup of nut milk (or soy)

splash of vanilla

Stir together and let sit out on counter or in fridge for atleast 15 minutes (but as long as you like) to let gel up.

I did an almond-bluberry one… (don’t use too much sweetener, you don’t need much!)
















An apple cinnamon with nutmeg…
















Vanilla-berry with some added oats…


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