OH bananas!

8 Jun

I fell victim to Harris Teeter’s little clearance produce cart, again. Everytime I look I mainly just look for ripe bananas to freeze to make ice cream, but this time I was beyond excited to see that they set up a whole separate cart designated just for the ripe bananas! There were probably 25 bags full of discounted bunches of ripe bananas. I had to take advantage of it because i didn’t know how often they would be so plentiful… so I got three bags. It ended up being 21 bananas for $1.95. Yes less than two dollars for 21 bananas. I will being updating the raw ice cream page a lot these next couple of weeks-to say the least.

It was a LOT of bananas…
















This banana ice-cream was one of my all time favorites I’ve ever made!

frozen bananas….UNSWEETENED dark cocoa powder (preferably organic)










And it didn’t stop here at this chocolate goodness…
























Ginger Cashew cream sauce!


This ice-cream is raw&vegan, sugar free, and naturally delicious. Unsweetened dark cocoa is full of antioxidants and the fresh ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Raw Chocolate Ice-Cream with Ginger Cashew cream sauce

1-2 frozen bananas

1-2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder (more if you want it chocolatier)

1 Tbs fresh minced ginger, or more

2 Tbs raw cashew butter

1/4 banana


First for the sauce, combine cashew butter, the 4th of the banana (unfrozen), ginger some cinnamon, and some added coconut water or almond milk if it needs to be thinner. The longer you blend the thinner and warmer it will be, so you can even have warm cashew sauce on the ice-cream (because the vitamix is so powerful, the speed of the blades lightly heats the food!) For the ice-cream, simply pop frozen bananas in the vitamix with cocoa powder (and added ginger and cinnamon if you want). Top chocolate ice-cream with sauce and sprinkle cinnamon and some grated ginger on top!  am a huge fan of cashews so this was one of those desserts that you have to make yourself eat slow and enjoy every bite (:

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