fettucini alfredo

27 Jun

When I was younger one of my favorite meals was fettucini alfredo. I would make a creamy alfredo sauce  with heavy cream and romano cheese when I made it at home. Then that was always my go-to dish if on the menu when eating out at a restaurant. I cringe at the thought of how often I would eat that meal. I remember it tasting good, yet feeling heavy and run down after. Maybe that was due to the loads of saturated fat, mucus producing dairy, and insulin spiking white pasta. Not to mention the 2,000 empty calories with no nutritional value.  I will hold myself back from talking more about the horrific effects of eating cheesy white pasta. This dish on the other hand does not lack in flavor or volume and is something you will feel good about eating, knowing you are consuming all raw whole food that your body will thank you for.

I was so excited to finally get this World Cuisine spiral vegetable slicer. It slices, spirals, and makes raw veggies and fruits into crazy shapes and forms. But it is most popular for making pasta-usually squash and zucchini noodles! Although I know many make curly fries for potatoes and sweet potatoes, and also curly apple rings.









Perfectly shaped noodles! I was way too excited when I used it the first time.









For the Creamy Alfredo Sauce

1 1/2 cups of soaked raw cashews (soaked atleast 4 hours, or overnight)

2 garlic cloves

1 Tbs nutritional yeast

1/4 large onions

1/4 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp nutmeg

2 Tbs olive oil

1 Tbs lemon juice

dash of ground salt & pepper

Combine in vitamix. Add water , coconut water, or almond milk if it is too thick. Blend to desired consistency!

This sauce is so awesome, I bet most people wouldn’t ever guess it is raw, cheese-free, gluten-free, animal-free & artery clogging-free! This protein-rich sauce will fill you up and keep you comfortably satisfied, since the combination of low starch vegetables and nut-based sauce will stabilize your blood sugar levels.









Add halved cherry tomatoes and chopped broccoli with the zucchini and squash noodles. Top with sauce!

Even if you are looking for a healthy alternative to this dish and don’t care about eating raw, you can always partly cook the squash and zucchini and even heat up the sauce if you want it warm and softer to better mock the real thing.

















Replace this with a typical fettucini alfredo=not sacrificing flavor or satisfaction=not shaving approximately 8 months off of your life  (:

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