DC food adventure

4 Jul

When I was visiting my sister in Arlington, she suggested a fun place to go for dinner. We hopped on the metro and went to Adams Morgan, which is in northwest DC. It is a very cultural, lively place. There are a ton of restaurants and shops, each having a distinct ethnic flavor. There was Ethiopian, Korean, Greek, Japanese, Middle Eastern, French, cajun, El Salvadorian, and so much more. There was even a Falafel Shop that looked so cool!









Once our indecisiveness ended of where to eat, we sat down at a Turkish place! It was a first for both of us. We got a table outside, right by the sidewalk so we could people watch the whole night-which was very entertaining.



















The food was served  tapas style, which is small plates, that are typically shared among many people. We got 4 dishes and shared. I was pleasantly surprised by the food-it was excellent! We ordered stuffed grapeleaves, babaganoush(eggplant dip) with fresh bread, lentil cakes, and mixed bulgur tabouli.











Yes we managed to eat vegan Turkish (: It ended up to be a very fun night! We want to make it a regular trip to try the huge variety of different restaurants! It’s definitely the perfect place to broaden your food culture.


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