new Whole Foods!!

17 Oct

So the same day of Vegfest I also got to go into the brand new Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom! Yes it was the best day ever. I knew there was a  new one in Foggy Bottom but didn’t even think about how that was the metro stop we were getting off at to go to Vegfest at George Washington University. Colleen and I stepped off the escalator from the metro and there it was right in front of us, a block away. I screamed with excitement.


This is the best Whole Foods I have ever seen-it was crazy. My goal is to go to all the Whole Foods on the east coast
















There was bulk/dispense-it-yourself EVERYTHING from organic maple syrup & agave to apple cider vinegar & 3 different grades of honey.














I buy as much as possible in bulk. It is almost always cheaper, less processing, you get exactly how much of something you need-so it’s not wasteful, and no packaging-so its way more economical and helps with less waste to go in landfills. Packaging materials make up 30% of all our waste. This is sooo preventable, and such an easy solution! Remember to re-use your bags as much as possible! For spices and dried herbs you save a TON of money. Here when I go to Eats you can just bring your empty spice jar and fill it up with organic spices for maybe a couple of dollars opposed to $10 or $12 to buy a whole new jar. Why don’t more people do this??
















On the upper floor there is an abundant spread of vegan (and non-vegan) breads, pastries, and desserts. There is a huge espresso & GREEN smoothie/juice bar!!!! I was thrilled. Then there is a huge prepared food section with a cold and hot bar with an array of different kale salads and raw veggie platters to steel cut oats and fresh fruit. They have a mini food court but it is all actually REAL food offered! It was just so exciting. There was actually a huge sign hanging from the ceiling above the place where you could make you own custom sandwich that said “REAL FOOD SERVED HERE” with a giant arrow. They have electronic ordering stations (like at Sheetz).









Although I do not prefer to support huge chain grocery stores, to keep the local health food stores in business, Whole Foods is my one exception. If there has to be monopolizing companies and agrobusinesses, Whole Foods is okay, because they are doing things right. They have standards they live up to, holding their employees to these, as well as their food. They support other local business and make it a point to always have local produce available. They make the effort to bring farm to fork a little closer. There are signs of the stories & information about some of the local farms right above the product, explaining the farms background and where they are located. Plus they strive to educate consumers where their food comes from, how it is produced (sometimes), and the nutrition. Most locations offer free classes ranging from raw foods & bone scans to proper skin care & cooking with kids. I’ve always said I wanted to work for Wholefoods.

My updated dream= be an RD in integrative and functional nutrition for Whole Foods, traveling to all the locations across the country to educate the employees & customers and make sure the store is living up the standards they set. (This role does not exist right now, but it could happen)













Colleen’s coco green smoothie & my wheat grass shotCheers to good health!

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