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15 Dec

I just finished all of my finals, what a relief! Can’t believe first semester is over already, it literally flew by. Now, time to not study, not stress, and go home to celebrate Christmas with joy! I have been so so lazy about updating the blog, studying for the past week straight. But now I have all the time I want to cook and bake and be so productive in a non-school way (:

Here is an end of the semester treat,  brownie batter dessert with carob chips, adapted from here.

Made with chickpeas and dark cocoa, this is one health(ier) dessert!









Cute "mugs" right? They are from Anthropology!














They are actually….measuring cups! Cute enough to keep out on the counter for decoration & convenience. I love their vintage-look!

These would make excellent Christmas gifts.



Christmas cookies coming soon!!!!