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granola bars to-go

18 Sep

I have desperately appreciated having a nice granola bar I can take on my way out the door, that is not processed or packaged, but made with all real ingredients, by me. I just threw in a TON of ingredients, wrapped them up individually, and popped them in the freezer! Now I did not measure any of the ingredients, so I will do my best to guestimate how much of everything I used…

Almond-Everything-Granola Bars

2 cups rolled oats

1/3 ish a cup of raw almond butter

quinoa flakes

unsweetened shredded coconut

1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds

1/4 cup chia seeds

couple Tablespoons ground flax

couple Tablespoons of hemp seed

2-3 Tbs coconut oil

A splash vanilla extract

1 VERY ripe banana

1/8 cup unsweetened vegan carob chips

1/8 cup chopped dates

cinnamon & nutmeg

+Anything else you would like

(You can use any type of nut butter, different kinds of dried fruits for sweetness, and other spices like ginger or pumpkin pie spice)

Combine and spread into a glass baking sheet lined with wax paper and chill in fridge. After they are firm, cut into squares and wrap individually in plastic wrap and keep them into the freezer-and they are ready to take on the go. They defrost great once they’ve been out ¬†for a little. These are full of protein with such a huge variety of amino acids from 5 different types of seeds, almond butter, and quinoa flakes. When aiming to get a lot of protein variety is key, because if you constantly eat the same source of plant protein you will always lack those amino acids that other foods contain, so to eat true complete plant protein sources, you must eat a vast variety. Our body is constantly craving variety to acquire all our essential vitamins and minerals anyways!


the oil of coconuts

23 Jul

My new love is for coconut oil. I love all natural coconut products (whether its coconut water, meat, milk, oil, mana etc..) Coconut are truly a blessing from God. I will discuss more later.

I decided to use my vegetable spiralizer in some new ways…so I made sweet potato fries! I never make these, so it was a special (not raw) treat! I baked them in a tiny bit of coconut oil and a little bit of salt and pepper.

There is so much confusion among all the oils, but coconut oil is for sure the best oil to use whenever there is heat involved or not. It is pretty much the only oil that does not oxidize/go rancid and is completely heat stable. Yes it is almost entirely saturated fat-but it is one of the best most natural oils for you. This saturated fat raises your good (HDL) cholesterol and lowers your bad (LDL) and is known to help speed up metabolism. It is heart healthy-preventing platelets from sticking together.
























Coconut oil also helps you better absorb the fat soluble vitamins (E,D,A,K). It is not like other oils, because it is not stored as fat in your body-but rather more like a carb and is broken down fast and used as energy. This oil also is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It great for healing all around. And I haven’t even mentioned its topical uses.

Yep, pretty amazing…I’m a big fan.

Some cashew butter with several teaspoons of coconut oil









I usually don’t add anything to my nut butters except the nuts, but I tried something new and will never go back. The coconut oil boosts the nutrition aspect-although does add a lot more calories for those who count them. But it gave the cashew butter an amazing flavor and it was super creamy. So 2 ingredients. Cashews + coconut oil.













I will definitely be having more posts involving coconut oil (: