raw ice cream love

Banana ice cream is one of my all time favorite raw desserts to make. You do NEED a vitamix in order to make it, other blenders/food processors just don’t cut it (you would actually break the others). I love how just one simple ingredient (frozen bananas) makes the perfect consistency of ice cream/softserve with no added sugar, or dairy. I wish more people could see how you can make any food (especially sweets)  using real, whole food with all the nutritious benefits! Although raw banana ice cream is delicious naturally on its own, its always fun to make different kinds to add to the potassium, manganese, vitamin b6, and vitamin C that bananas contain.


Chocolate Almond 

frozen bananas

dark chocolate almond milk

vanilla extract

walnuts/pecans & coconut to sprinkle on top


Classic Cinnamon-Nutmeg-Ginger

frozen bananas

splash of vanilla


chopped fresh ginger

grated nutmeg

walnuts for topping


Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

Frozen bananas

Cocoa powder

splash vanilla

unsweetened coconut

raw walnuts


Raw Chocolate Ice-Cream with Ginger Cashew Cream Sauce

2 frozen bananas

1-2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder (more if you want it chocolatier)


1 Tbs fresh minced ginger, or more

2 Tbs raw cashew butter

1/4 banana (unfrozen)


First for the sauce, combine cashew butter, the 4th of the banana (unfrozen), ginger some cinnamon, and some added coconut water or almond milk if it needs to be thinner. The longer you blend the thinner and warmer it will be, so you can even have warm cashew sauce on the ice-cream (because the vitamix is so powerful, the speed of the blades lightly heats the food!) For the ice-cream, simply pop frozen bananas in the vitamix with cocoa powder (and added ginger and cinnamon if you want). Top chocolate ice-cream with sauce and sprinkle cinnamon and some grated ginger on top!  am a huge fan of cashews so this was one of those desserts that you have to make yourself eat slow and enjoy every bite (:


Strawberry Ice cream

1-2-3 (however much you want) frozen bananas

handful of organic strawberries

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

some walnuts

splash of natural vanilla

Blend on high for just a couple of seconds. You have to really use the vitamix tamper to cram the bananas to the bottom so that it becomes just the right consistency, not causing it to get too soft.


One Response to “raw ice cream love”

  1. Natalie July 27, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Definitely trying the chocolate almond recipe tonight! Im addicted to the dark chocolate almond milk!

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